Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is very like Aromatherapy Massage with its long, flowing, gentle movements. Pregnant women are generally surprised to find a treatment that is tailor made for them. Each client is supported through this hour long Massage with the help of Essential Oils and Carrier Oils that are tailor made to suit each individuals needs which makes for a total blissful experience.


Function of Pregnancy Massage

- Stimulate parasympathetic nervous system

- Encourage a sense of well-being

- Encourage and promote total relaxation

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

- Reduce muscle tension particularly in the lower/middle back areas.

- Increase Blood Circulation to stimulate the lymph glands so that swelling is kept to a minimum.

- Promotes healthy or improved labour.

- Encourage healthy skin repair by reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

- Supports the physical, mental and emotional strains on a mother to be.