Indian Head Massage

Based on the Ancient Indian System of Medicine called Ayurveda which is translated as the Science of Life this is the earliest recorded Medical Treatment dating back for over many thousands of years. Indian families use Head Massages daily for both relaxation and healing. The Indian Peoples values the power of human contact and enjoy the stress releasing benefits of touch. From an early age children are taught to give head massages so that each family member can both give and receive this most invigorating of massages.


Functions of Indian Head Massage:

This most excellent Back, Neck, Shoulder, Face and Head Massage has 3 main functions:

- To invigorate the Body

- To Uplift the Body

- To Revitalise the Body


Benefits of Indian Head Massage:

- Helps Prevent Migraines/Headaches

- Promotes Hair Growth

- Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage to Promote Detox

- Improves Memorisation/Concentration/Mental Alertness

- Renews Energy Levels

- Relieves Stress/Anxiety

- Relieves Eye Strain

- Improve Circulation

- Deep Sense of Relaxation and feeling of complete and total well-being