Holistic 5 Oil Facial

Here in Lotus Flower Acupuncture we found that by Combining all of our skills with years of experience in Aromatherapy, Massage, Acupuncture and Lymphatic Drainage we designed a facial which offers 5 different massage oils to take your through each stage of your treatment.  Using 5 oils that will cleanse the skin, combat the signs of aging, dry skin, skin breakouts, sun damage, water retention and more this soothing, relaxing and oil infused Massage will leave every client floating after their treatment. Working on the shoulders, decolletage, neck, scalp, head and face with an infusion of Essential Oils, this soothing massage will tone, revitalise and improve texture of each area. The Holistic 5 Oil Facial stimulates the circulation by bringing fresh nutrients to the surface while Lymphatic Drainage will remove toxins and excess water.


Function of Holistic 5 Oil Facial

- To revitalise skin on shoulders, neck, head, scalp, decolletage and face
- To tone all areas 
- To improve muscle tone on skin on shoulders, neck, head, scalp, decolletage and face

Benefits of Holistic 5 oil facial

- Aging Skin
- Improves collagen and elastin
- Improves Skin Tone
- Improves Skin Texture
- Reduce Headaches
- Reduce effects of Stress & Anxiety
- Improves TMJ
- Helps with Insomnia 
- Reduces effects of Sinusitis